Collection: Kentucky Saltwater Shrimp

Shrimp aquaculture has been a well established practice all over the world, with the majority of production coming out of Southeast Asia and South America.  Most of these shrimp farms consists of massive ponds spanning several acres stocked full of shrimp.  Pond aquaculture is difficult to manage because of the many variables that can affect water quality in these massive ponds.  Very few regulations are in place in these countries which makes it difficult to determine what chemicals are being added to the water to manage shrimp health and growth.

Biofloc System

On our farm we use a biofloc system to grow our shrimp.  Biofloc systems rely on the symbiosis between shrimp and bacteria i.e. the shrimp benefit the bacteria and vice versa.  The bacteria aid in consuming uneaten feed as well as converting harmful ammonia into nitrite and nitrate, whereas the shrimp consume the bacterial flocs and gain valuable nutrients from them.  Our goal is to maintain a stable "ecosystem" within our tanks to keep the shrimp and bacteria happy.  

We use aboveground tanks with higher stocking densities than pond systems. Using tanks instead of ponds allows us to closely monitor the water quality in our system.  Our system also gives us much more control on what goes into our water and what the shrimp are exposed to.  Water quality is monitored on a daily basis and shrimp are sampled daily to ensure their health and well being.  

The inputs into our system are simple: water, marine mineral salt mix, shrimp and shrimp feed.  No antibiotics, medications or harmful chemicals.  We feed our shrimp a formulated shrimp diet made by Ziegler Bros. Feed Company.  This diet is made specifically for shrimp and contains marine and plant proteins.  Our shrimp are L. Vannemei, or Pacific White Shrimp native to the Pacific Ocean.

Our shrimp are sold fresh or frozen.  We offer pick-ups on the farm or at the LaGrange Farmers Market.  Shrimp for 2019 will be available in August!  

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