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The very same issues that exist in the poultry meat industry are found in the egg industry.  Labels like "Organic" and "Free-range" are meaningless because the actual practices are still inhumane. We use the same model with our egg layers that we use for our meat birds.  Our egg layers have a mobile coop that they use for shelter at night and to lay their eggs in.  During they day they are open to actually free range in the pasture.  We use electric netting to keep predators out and keep
our hens safe.  The "Egg Mobile" is moved on a weekly basis to avoid manure build-up and to give our hens more fresh pasture to forage on. 
We feed our hens a Certified Organic, Soy and Corn free feed from a feed mill in Southern Kentucky.  We sell our eggs as "Better then Organic" because our practices are better for the hens, better for the environment and better for you, the consumer. 
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