Chicken and Pork Bundle #1

Chicken and Pork Bundle #1

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Enjoy one of our finely curated meat bundles featuring our Pasture-Raised Chicken and Pasture-Raised Pork.  Our meat bundles will save you 5% off retail pricing for our products, plus it makes it very convenient to get a variety of different cuts in your freezer.  This meat bundle includes the following:

1 Whole Chickens

2 Packages Boneless/Skinless Breasts (4 Breasts total)

1 Packages Thighs or Drumsticks or Wings (4 Thighs/Drum/Wings)

1lb Ground Turkey

1lb Turkey Breakfast Sausage

3 Packages Bone-in Pork Chops (6 Chops total)

2lbs Pork Breakfast Sausage



**As always, home delivery available for all of our products.  You are also welcome to pick up your order on the farm or the LaGrange Farmers Market and we will refund your delivery charge**